Fosca (Or My Tarchetti Muse)

October 20, 2013 — 2 Comments

Lyrics to a new song I’m working on and thought I’d share with all of you everyones.


Fosca (or My Tarchetti Muse)

In the eyes makes more sense
To think of them in the present tense.
Second hand emotions
Still taking up time.
Shaking of the head and
pinching of thighs.
Don’t think.
Don’t dwell on how they mesmerize.

One thousand watts
to a lightbulb heart
so used to being dark.
Potential of shattering
What does it matter when
giving all the got?
Years of not seeing
the one always believing
in everything they are?

A shard.
They’re a spike in the heart.

2 responses to Fosca (Or My Tarchetti Muse)

  1. Hi Meghan, i cannot sing or play any instruments so the song writing process interests me, tell me do you always write the lyrics first and then work on the music or do you have the tune in your head and put the lyrics to it or does it happen either way.
    It was real nice to see you and Zack (briefly) at drinks after Gulf Photo London.
    Rgds Keith

    • Hi there Keith!

      In answer to your question it happens either way. I can tell you that it’s usually the music and melody that come to me first and then the lyrics show up after. For instance, with this song, Fosca, I had just finished reading an in depth article about Stephen Sondheim and his musical, “Passion”. I’ve always loved the musical, it’s a heart breaking beautiful story and in the article I read that Sondheim’s inspiration was from the book “Fosca” by Iginio Ugo Tarchetti. So I went and read more about him, too!

      A little while later I found myself in front of the piano with a melody idea. I’ve learned to trust my instincts after all these years and so let my fingers wander to find the right notes. Once I found the melody and was happy with it I literally just opened my mouth and began singing whatever came to me first. The lyrics up there are pretty close to what came forth in that initial moment. I tweaked them a bit afterwards. But I typically allow myself to sing whatever I want to, it seems that if I get out of my own way, I write better. It’s when I start analyzing everything in the moment that I start to shut down and get frustrated.

      I hope that makes sense!

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